Friday, October 9, 2015

Crow's Path summer photos and Hello from Oregon!

Checking out the inner workings of a sharp-shinned hawk
The great Ale Dietschi!
A wild George spotted in the path! Clickity clack!
Pouring tea into knotweed teacups from our trusty kettle named Arnold
And enjoying our tea
Masters of relaxation innovation, Lauren and Pax with the hose hammock
Blue Star Kadet Sylvie showing off her new shirt
This little gremlin snuck onto our Long Trail trip so we made him a lemon meringue pie with gummy bears...
Crooks McGovern in action
Ty keeping spirits high in the rain!
Canoe squad getting ready to hit the high seas
A+ facial expressions here
And then I hit the road...
 with Hector and Farple guiding the way
Biking through the Craters of the Moon magic lava land with Kindle
Permaculture paradise on Orcas Island
Amazing wetland restoration...not bad for an old potato field
Back to the Northwest woods!
Going to war against the Himalayan Blackberry with Stanley Man Dad of Sam. This area is now planted with pineapple guava, blueberries, fuzzy kiwi, and silverberries.
The mighty Spokane River
Camping along the Ohanapecosh River, watching salmon come to the end of their long journey back from the ocean
Cascadian goodness!
Mt Adams at sunset
 The largest flock of banana slugs ever captured on film!
Sunrise at Cape Kiwanda
Alpine George in the flesh! On Mt. Rainier. (I told you he was real.)
And of course the little nephews, a huge motivator for getting back to the Northwest.
Chowing down on fresh strawberries with my man Bear.

So there's a little bit of what I've been up to now that I'm back in the Northwest. I'm missing the Crow's Path community like crazy. There's little memories or stories that pop into my head everyday that make me laugh out loud and think back on so many amazing times at the field school. What an incredible community we've created out there. It's a totally unique experience looking at it from afar and hearing the little trickles of stories come through from Lauren, Teage and Mo. I'm sure you all are having an amazing Fall session at the field school and I can't wait to visit you all soon. And don't forget to stop by Oregon when you're out this way, or send any misbehaving children my way :)