Saturday, September 27, 2014

Tiny Adventures: Parting Gifts

     To set the tone for the changing of the season, I'd like to share this video of acorn bliss from this past week.  Kiddos have been joining the ranks of the Blue Jays and Gray Squirrels participating in this year's acorn mast.

     The times they are a changing, and this week's Spreading Joy challenge will turn our minds and hearts to the winged things starting their big journey to their wintering grounds.  Make a parting gift for the winged traveller of your choice.  Find out which creatures leave Vermont for the winter (don't forget butterflies and bats!), and create something to help send them on their way.  This could be a tasty energy packed treat, a song, a dance…really anything that lets that creature know you're sending it with blessings on its journey.

     Or, if you like, make a gift for a winged friend that chooses to stay and brave the winter alongside us.  There hasn't passed a winter that the Black-Capped Chickadee hasn't lifted my spirits as it continues to live and play alongside me in the snow.

    OR! Consider the species that actually travel from colder climates to spend their winter in balmy Vermont.  Make them a welcome back gift that celebrates their hardiness.

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