Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Photography Guild

Very camouflaged moth on red oak (Isaac)
For guilds today, we split up into a wild animal tracking and trailing guild (Lauren), a wildflower identification guild (Anna), a storytelling guild (Sam), and a photography guild. I've loved photography since I borrowed my mom's old Canon in high school and drove around my town late at night taking photos of abandoned places. Fifteen years later, and I find myself often doing the same. I love it because it's forces me to slow down, to be patient with the woods, to wait for the right moment, to return over to the same thing/place to watch it change over time. It was wonderful getting to share my love of photography with the kids, who took some gorgeous shots.

Skunk Cabbage (Casey)
Mouse Forest (Scout)
Buggle Ruggle Tree (Maddie)
White Lefferton (Isaac) 
The Lake (Casey)
Red Toady Branch (Isaac)
Elf's Boot Fern (Maddie)

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  1. Love hearing about the guilds today from Isaac at home. -Michael