Thursday, May 1, 2014

April Alive vacation week camp!

This past week we held an April vacation camp while the field school took a break for April vacation.  We had an amazing group of kiddos out on the land with us, some new faces and some old, and went on all sorts of adventures!

We started the week off working on harvest baskets, digging sticks, fire by friction sets, and carving skills for the week of wild harvesting ahead!  
We rented a big ol' van and explored some areas outside of Rock Point, such as the great urban wilderness known as East Woods, and a friend's property up in Fairfax for harvesting wild leeks.  Tons of wildflowers are just starting to pop their  heads up, and we had an amazing time chowing down on trout lily, wild ginger, basswood buds, cattail rhizome, partridge berries, and ramps.  
Phinn found some of the first scarlet cup fungi of the year!!!

Zoe and Anna not only made a fire by friction set in a single day, but actually got the fire started for us on Friday.  It was pretty incredible to watch the focus and determination of these girls as they built up their fire by friction skills.

The week culminated with a wild harvested pizza party!  We made wild ramp pesto and threw in a little bit of everything we harvested over the week.  It was all cooked in our brand new wood-fired oven!
And boy oh boy was it delicious!!!

So many thanks to all the kids who joined us this week and made the April Alive camp so amazingly fun and memorable!


  1. Looks like a wonderful camp full of memorable experiences!
    What do you allow the kiddos to use for cutting tools?

    1. A range of things. We work with the kids to teach them how to safely use hatchets, axes, bow saws, folding saws, knives, and hook knives. For carving knives we use Mora Frost knives, some of the best around.