Monday, February 17, 2014

Journal challenge

Robins feeding on crabapples at entrance to Centennial Woods

The city is alive with the dramatic return of robins. A good fall for crabapples means heaps of food for the returning birds. Caught in the mix were starlings, goldfinches, and cedar waxwings galore. Spring is just around the corner. As the world jumps to life, changes on the land happen so fast and dramatically. We wanted to offer a series of weekly challenges for kids to tune into and track these changes on the land.

For this first week, we'll be challenging the kids to make their own journals to track changes in their backyard. Journals can be simple (pages stapled together) or more complicated (birch bark cover with pages stitched together using dogbane). We'll post challenges each Monday and remind kids each week. 


  1. Great program. I like using a stick as the binding but never thought about using birch bark as the cover.

    1. Thanks for the support. Sticks work great. Birch bark works well if you can get bark from a younger fast growing tree. Older trees tend to have thicker "wartier" bark; slower growing = rough, more peely bark. Sticks definitely work well. I usually poke two holes in the cover and loop the twine through.