Friday, November 8, 2013

Pottery, newborn nests, and a new shelter!

The level of creativity at the field school has been incredible this week!  Maybe something about the cold weather helps us to focus on crafts and projects, but it has been amazing to see all the spoons, clay mugs, fire-by-friction sets, rabbit taxidermy, wooden swords, stories, dream catchers, and sacred gardens that have been created lately.  We also have one big new creation out at Crow's Path... a new structure for our main camp!
The good man Fisher admires the beautiful frame that we will be calling home from now on.

Many, many thanks to the students from the UVM Environmental Problem Solving class that built this beautiful structure for us as part of their final project!  All the wood for the new structure was harvested from the land in an area that was going to be cleared to be maintained as meadow, so we are so grateful that all the years of sunlight and growth the trees put into their wood are now being used to provide us with shelter.  

Another one of our amazing community partners, the Rock Point School, recently asked us if we'd like to join them in pit firing a bunch of pottery with their ceramics class, so we got busy making mugs, bowls, and a theatrical cyclops monster (thanks to Anjay) out of clay.  

And our last piece of excitement for the week is that our good friend and Crow's Path mentor Mo Bissonette is having a baby!  Mo was gone from field school on Friday preparing for his newborn to arrive, so we took part of the day to prepare a bunch of little nests in honor of Mo's baby entering the world.  

We are so excited for Mo and we're sending him a ton of love and support as he steps into the role of fatherhood!

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