Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Ryder's Animal "Trap"

The following post was dictated to me by Ryder (9, Champlain Elementary):

Two weeks ago, I made un animales trap. At first I dug a 12" deep hole in the ground. Then I put acorns and beech nuts in it and covered it with moss. It was supposed to catch squirrels but we got a lot of other things too. I learned how to set up the game cam and put it in certain spots you're most likely to get different animals. To get raccoons we would put the camera down by Brick's Brook. I was surprised that I got more things than just squirrels, like skunks and grackles.

In the videos, the squirrels stole the acorns. They put them in their little mouths and ran away with them. They then bury the acorns in the ground to eat later. Enjoy the videos!

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

October sunshine!

The sunshine just keeps pouring down on us this month!  We've taken advantage of these sunny days to take long wanders on the land and build things with our hands before the harsh winter cold forces us into our mittens and gloves for a while.  Lauren's guilds have been busy making fire by friction kits and gorgeous cattail weavings from the cattail marsh near Fred's Beach, while the rest of us have been building miniature bows and catapults to launch the abundance of acorns that are falling to the forest floor this year.  It is a huge mast year for red oaks and we've been busy collecting the acorns just as feverishly as the squirrels have been.  We're planning on making acorn flour with all we've collected, and hopefully we'll be able to make some bread sticks and pancakes with it out at the field school soon.
Beaven climbed inside the giant coppiced red oak in the Pine Bird Forest that is dropping tons of acorns right now.
Graham grabbing some sticks to work on his gnome home with.  On Friday we built a ton of little structures and then built catapults with the buckthorn that was so prevalent in the area and proceeded to demolish our structures with acorns launched from our catapults. 
Leo takes aim!

The sunny skies don't feel like Fall but the changing colors in the canopy remind us that winter is right around the corner, so we've also been busy harvesting medicine like burdock and dandelion root that will nourish us this coming winter.  Signs of the harvest are all around, from acorns falling on our heads, to the abundance of apples being roasted at the morning fire.  What a sweet time October is out at Crow's Path!