Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Storming the castle!

Last Saturday night, quite a few of us gathered at Salmon Hole to paddle the Winooski River. We were, in total, 19 people and 8 boats. The Winooski River is one of my favorite things/places and it was with great excitement that I was able to share that with so many other people. We put in around dusk and enjoyed the quite brisk current that floated us gently downstream. The water was higher than last week when I paddled that stretch by a few inches. Also visible was the silt deposits on plants along the shoreline about 2' higher than the water.

As the sun sank into the western sky we watched it paint delicate colors of pink and orange on the retreating clouds. The stars soon came out and brought with them a raucous chorus of treefrogs, bullfrogs, green frogs, and American toads. Also out in force along the way were an abundance of beavers. With visibility so low due to all the sediments in the water it's a wonder how they navigate under water. I guess this was partly resolved when one slapped near the boat my sister and I were in. It dipped under the water and a few seconds later emerged under our boat! It bonked its head and startled us probably as much as it startled itself!

I got to paddle over the breakwall in downtown Burlington again as the lake has exceeded flood levels ( It's already started to drop given the dry conditions.

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