Monday, April 8, 2013

Rattle Making

Alicia Daniel joined the Earth Skills Seminar for the last 3 weeks to share with us the beautiful process of making rattles. It was great to see her bring so much thought and care to the process of creation. And this was so clearly reflected in the rattles everyone produced - each a reflection of our unique personalities. We've also been working on making gourd bowls and next week will finish some as of yet unfinished projects and begin work on spoons. It seems like the return of sun and warmth to the land has brought with it a renewed excitement to be physical, to use our hands, to dig into the earth, harden calluses, and build up a sweat. Goodbye knitting season and welcome the season of plenty!


  1. your rattles are so beautiful. What did you make them out of?

  2. There's a mix, but mostly elk hide ordered from out west. The one above I made from deer hide from a friend who shot one here in Vermont. And thanks for the compliment!