Friday, March 8, 2013

Sea caves

Sam and Luke found a rare woodland creature nesting in a hollowed out red oak 
This week we started back up after winter break with an epic adventure (Beaven called it a Frederick Adventure). Last Fall we tended to spend more of our time around our main campsite. This session we decided that we wanted the kids to get a better sense of the land so we've spent the first few weeks exploring. Our adventure took us this week out to the Donahue Sea Caves (see map at bottom of post). The caves are accessible by boat during the summer so we took advantage of what might be the last cold weather of the season and walked along the edge of the thick ice to access the caves. We spotted fresh otter tracks on Wednesday and with the Thursday group we heard a bat inside the cave! Jackson also found some graffiti that read "J Morrison, 1858". It was awfully weathered, so it was either an older prank or actually graffiti from 1858. Also, while harvesting juniper berries, Sam, Seth and I spotted a mourning dove taking a nap. So many little highlights!

With our Wednesday I skinned a mink at the end of the day. Ty and Auggie got really into the anatomy of it and asked all sorts of great questions. Next Wednesday we'll be tanning the hide! Mink have strong scent glands, that small faintly like skunk so some of the process smelled pretty bad. They're semi-aquatic (they've got partially webbed toes) and tend to be awfully oily. The meat tastes about as bad as it smells.

With our Field School groups we headed down to the Donahue Sea Caves.

View Donahue Sea Caves in a larger map

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