Wednesday, January 23, 2013

New blog site

Welcome to the new blog for Crow's Path. We switched to a new site for two reasons: one the old domain name ( is too limited since the blog will cover all of our programs. Second, our host server at Wordpress was intolerably sloooooow. If you had subscribed to the previous blog to get automatic updates, you'll have to sign up again by entering your email address in the form to the left.

Monday, January 21, 2013

Burlington Phenology Guild

We've officially kicked off our winter/spring programming the first gathering of the Burlington Phenology Guild! We had 18 participants and 5 facilitators representing K-12 schools, UVM, churches, the Audubon Society, and more.

The phenology guild helps build the tools for observing seasonal patterns, changes, and rhythms through direct engagement with the land. It was so great being back out at Rock Point, sharing the land with other people excited to be out in the woods. Our brief respite from the cold was much welcomed, and we enjoyed some wonderful tracking in the thin layer of wet snow.

For more phenology based photos and stories, check out the other blog I run, called Wild Burlington. I track changes through the seasons with photos, videos, drawings, and stories.

Clay, my close friend from high school, was up visiting from NYC and was looking particularly LL Bean while tending to our lunch. Walter Poleman of UVM brought out his cauldron and we made a huge root veggie soup. Walt forgot a ladle so Clay and I set out to make a large cedar ladle in about 5 minutes. Not exactly elegant, but definitely functional.