Saturday, November 10, 2012

Field School: November 8

Yesterday was cold, but we hardly noticed. The soggy ground in the alder swamp creaked and cracked as we walked over the new boardwalk our UVM interns created.

Ally, one of our Big Picture interns, took photos for us today.Once in camp we played a good game of "Stay on the log" to warm us up. Here Luke's trying to roll Sam and me off the log.

A hot fire burning hardwood logs makes for some great coals
Lauren, Matt, and Sam harvest some of the ash we felled last week
 Lauren worked on coal burning with Matt & Sam. Here they're cutting a section of white ash. They then split the log in half the long way and put hot coals on the cut surface. By blowing on the bottom of the coal, the coal transfers to the wood. By continually blowing (or holding the cup/bowl up to the wind) the wood will slowly burn (without flames) the wood down. It's a slow meditative process, perfect for cold days.

At the end of the day we made some "birds nests" as a treat. Birds nests are easy to make and fantastic to eat! We slowly melted chocolate on soapstone that we had heated up in the fire, then added a bunch of crushed up shredded wheat. While it was still hot we scooped out spoonfuls and shaped them into little nests. We topped them off with yogurt covered raisins inside the nests to look like eggs. They were absolutely delicious!

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