Thursday, October 25, 2012

October 25

Leo, the angry ninja
Today was another wonderful weather day. We started in the parking lot by creating costumes out of a huge pile of scrap fleece I came across last week in Hyde Park. Needless to say, it took longer to get into the woods than normal.

This is our 3rd year partnering with Big Picture South Burlington students. We've had some wonderful interns from their school in the past and this year we look forward to welcoming some new faces. Today Allie visited Crow's Path to see if it would be a good fit for her academic goals. Tanner, Gavin, and Myles were our Ambassadors and gave her a tour of the site. When we have guests, kids volunteer to be our ambassadors. Ambassadors make our guests feel welcome by giving them a tour, sharing stories with them, and showing them places that they should know about.  Here, they're exploring our "art gallery."

Our ambassadors show Allie around

Our guilds split up into three groups. One group went out into the meadow and harvested milkweed for making cordage. Another built shelters, but wound up working together to bring down a large white ash snag. They used teamwork to devise a pulley system that would allow them to pull down the tree in the direction they wanted while being out of harm's way. The third group went on a wander to the cliffs to look and listen for birds.

Before splitting into guilds, the group put on our forensic investigator hats and went to where we had set out the beaver carcass to check on the game cam and see what was left. Unfortunately the memory card was low on memory so we only got a few videos. I'll leave it as a mystery as to what animals we got on video and reveal it next week after everyone's gotten a chance to take their guesses.

Last spring we had some UVM students work with us to build an entrance structure and we planted gourds at the base of it. We got one fruit that's been drying. Matt harvested it this morning and will let it dry for a few weeks before turning it into a bowl.