Thursday, October 11, 2012

October 11

Sam with her finished product
We split into guilds again for the morning. Lauren's guild set off to make bittersweet baskets. Through trial and error they figured out a process and at the end of the day Sam had a beautiful basket woven out of birch bark, bittersweet, and sensitive fern.

Tanner sets up the game cam while Luke shields his nose from the smell 
My guild headed off to the woods east of our camp to set up a game came with a road kill beaver I picked up on Tuesday. We put the beaver about 3' up in a red oak. We postulated it would attract fox, fisher, raccoon, and possibly coyote. We'll check the game cam in 2 weeks when we're back at camp and see if we were right.

Seth with a collection of clay babies
On our way back to camp we took the stream with the hopes of finding fossils from the Champlain Sea, which existed 10,000 years ago. We didn't find any fossils, but we did find these clay babies. These are similar to the "buttons" you find at button bay, but the form underground around decaying roots.

Up close cross section of a clay baby

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