Friday, September 28, 2012

September 29

[caption id="attachment_75" align="aligncenter" width="480"] Miles, Leo, & Sam trying not to laugh[/caption]

At the suggestion of Susan, I'll be sending out updates each week about highlights from our Thursdays as well as some good resources that might be of interest for your kids. Today we started something slightly new for us. We've switched to what we're calling the guild model. Each Thursday morning we'll break into four different groups to focus in on a particular skill. Right now we're in the "Buffet Table" period of time where the kids get to sample from lots of different activities. As the session goes on, kids will get to focus in on a skill that they are excited about and can go deeper by spending several weeks with that. Guilds are based on seasonal events (like tracking, harvesting dogbane, etc) as well as a blend of interests the kids express and the interest of the mentors. Today our four guilds focused on fire-by-friction, mapping, drawing, and skinning a gray squirrel (next week we'll tan the hide).

Beaven wiht the bow she made for her bow drill 
Seth in full camouflage
Other resources for what's going on in the natural world: Wild Burlington. It's a blog that I keep. My students in my UVM natural history course contribute to the blog as well as friends.

I also have a pretty extensive library of classic kids books that center around nature connection and outdoor adventures (like My Side of the Mountain, The Cay, Hatchet, Gentle Ben, Julie of the Wolves, Sign of the Beaver, and lots more) that I'm happy to loan out.

And as a resource, this overview is a bit outdated, but includes a bit of background on the pedagogy and spirit of what we do at Crow's Path